Batesar Temple Complex, Morena Madhya Pradesh

November 11, 2023

The Batesar temple complex is situated in Morena of Madhya Pradesh. The complex has about two hundred temples, eighty of which are still waiting for their restoration. Batesar is usually termed as the largest temple group in India. The temples are spread over twenty-five acres. They are built across sloping hills near the village of Padavali. The temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Most of the temples in this complex fall under the Pancha-Ratha style, with five vertical offsets on each side. The earlier temples are without mandapikas, while the latter is with shikhara. The walls have carvings of Goddess Parvati in Panchgani tapa mudra and Lord Ganesha. Ashta-dikpalas are found in the corner niches. The door lintel is decorated with Navagrhas and Sapta-Matrika.

The carving of Garuda is depicted either holding the tails of serpents or carrying Lord Vishnu in multiple places. It seems that Garuda is depicted as the controller of the serpent.

The temple doorways are carved with shakhas. Sculptures of Goddess Ganga riding a makara and Goddess Yamuna on a tortoise with an umbrella bearer are present at the doorjambs.

These temples depict a figure of Lakulisa holding a rod. This complex would have been a major center of the Lakulisa sect. The presence of Lord Vishnu temples suggests that worship of gods other than Lord Shiva might have been predominant.

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